Monday, April 21, 2014


A proud mom and her chick
I got the repaired 500 mm lens on the camera and took off for the river this afternoon. I was delighted to see momsy eagle at the nest.
 A closer look proved that Dad was perched proudly on a limb above mom.  I almost overlooked him.

It is unusual to find both eagles at the nest at the same time so I took great care to make adjustments.  I took these images on full manual so I had full control on the situation.  The eagles were back lighted and there wasn't anything I could do about that but I could assure focus and image placement within the picture.  This would be a test for that repaired 150 - 500 mm telephoto lens.  Back light, distance subjects and a need to shoot at low ISO so that cropping can be accomplished.  We'll see.

So far the lens is working really good - unusually good.  The repair folks must have adjusted the actual lens glass sets.  This lens was never, ever this sharp even when new.
I was at Indian Cave boat ramp when this guy came down the river in this canoe.  I had a sudden thought, "did I do the right thing when I sold the canoe?"  He looked so at ease out there just letting the river carry him along slowly.
The sirens sounded at the dam indicating that a water release was imminent.  The rush of fast moving water suddenly was heard and I shot the picture of the initial surge of water as it rushed down the river from the dam.  
I had the funniest thoughts when I saw this old barn.  The hole in the side could have been blown out from an exploding meth lab.  Well, looks fishy to me.

 I wish she'd take a bath and get that river mud off her pretty white head plumage.

 She picked up a patch of moss from the floor of the nest and placed it on the inside wall of the nest near the top.  That's something.

I can see quite a difference between the 400 mm lens I started out using this year and the 500 mm lens I sent off for repair.  I feel comfortable with the 500 mm lens and with that comfort in use comes reliable results, I hope.
 She's still messing with that patch of moss.

Below:  Mom shows her demonic side.  What a powerful, "don't tread on me" look!

 Great Scott!  What is that dark figure rising behind mom?
Why, it's Junior, one of her kids has awakened and decided to bravely face the day.

I was concerned when I didn't see two babies because sometimes the larger of the two babies will peck it's sibling to death and the parents will not intervene.  Nature can be heartless but her ways always work.  Always.  But, no worry as I saw the second baby's head poke out through a hole in the bottom of the nest.  Only one baby made itself available for pictures.  There's a lot of shots here so look at what you want.  It's not every day we can gaze on the offspring of the noble bald eagle.

I had my fingers crossed on these shots as I really haven't put that lens to the test, only a few shots.  I'm very happy with the results even after shooting directly into the sun.  By the way, I shot these on manual settings, a polarization lens, I controlled light balance.  The shots aren't perfect but not too shabby.  

Look at that little guy.  He will be a powerful force in just a few weeks.

 Go to bed little one. 

That's it for tonight.  There's a lot of shots up here so look at what you wish to but, remember the importance of this little eagle.  He represents us.    U.S.A