Saturday, April 5, 2014



It takes real effort to find anything at all worth photographing on Douglas Lake and I don't have time to make the effort.  It won't be long until the wading birds and all the ducks return to Rankin and the flood plain and things photography wise will break loose.  But, until then, things are tough and boring on this mud hole.
                           Fly Me To The  Moon

 Birds must really feel constantly exhilarated when they fly high.  I know they enjoy swooping down near the water and careening along the surface only to turn and shoot straight up into the sky and go so high they become specs.  Ospreys do that and so do certain gulls.  How amazing!

I really had my hands full with fishermen today as there were more than I could possibly talk to let alone count and that took up all of my time.
 They were everywhere.  I counted over 130 people on shore in conjunction with anglers on boats in this immediate vicinity.  Whew!  That's a lot of people after fish.
I don't normally take pictures of cliff sides but the rock formations on this site were particularly interesting.  One can see the normal summer water line on the rock face in both pictures.

And, last but not least - the ospreys on top of the old Walters Bridge that will be torn down as soon as the new replacement bridge is completed.  They'll have to build another nest.

I had to hip shoot these pictures as bass boats were closing in on my boat and I couldn't stop.  Not the best pictures.
I just caught the nest as I scooted under the bridge.  The water is busy right here at Walters Bridge.

That's about it for today and yes, I'll be back on Douglas lake again tomorrow afternoon.  It will be a total of 3 days in a row and all of them the PM shift.  Yuk.  At least I'll get to go to a different area of the lake and may even turn up an eagle or two.  See ya then.