Saturday, October 20, 2012


Sometimes a guy just doesn't know how good he has it.  My boat trailer is in the shop getting a couple heavy duty axles installed in place of the ones that failed and the boat above is the loaner I received while my boat is off the water.  Note the little square aluminum box to the left of the console - your right looking at the picture.  There is another one of those behind the console that I sit on.  Yesterday I put a bath towel on the lid to sit on.  It wasn't too good.  Today I forgot the towel and spent six hours sitting on that lid.  I made a slight change to the engineering of the boat when I got home tonight.  See below:
Bet I'll be a lot more comfortable tomorrow.
My area today took me up to Leadvale below Rankin an the floodplain.  I almost didn't bring the camera because most all the birds have moved or are moving onto places unknown for the winter.  There are a few holdovers and some transience's.  That Rankin area gets some odd ducks at times.  See what I mean below.  I noticed the geese landing and one stood out.  Look closely at the wing color on the goose to the right as they land.  I thought I discovered some rare species of goose.  Not sure.  


His tail markings match the Canada Goose perfectly making me think that this goose is a mutt goose or the results of a wild goose mating with a domestic goose.  Maybe someones Easter goose that was left out at the park took up with some wild geese and joined the colony.  Hard to tell.

Regardless of his story - he is accepted and has blended in with the Canada's.  
There were a lot of fishing boats out today because there was a bass tournament on the lower lake.  Some of the guys chased Mr. Bass clear up here to Leadvale.  I was busy for a while until I talked to all of them in the area.

I took pictures of whatever interested me today.  As I said earlier - I almost left the camera at home but, when I do that, something always happens and I wish I had it.

Looks like ringed billed gulls have moved into the area with the great egrets.  

I have not seen this many gulls in the area since I've worked here.  It's a winter thing.
The ring bills were performing some fancy aeronautics no doubt to impress their white brothers, the egret.

  These birds carry a wise look upon their faces.
I noticed some mallard ducks slowly filing along the shoreline.  It was on my way so I slipped over toward them 50 yards to see if a photo op may be in the making.

I'm glad I did bring my camera after-all.

The gulls were interested in following the boat which made them susceptible to my camera.  If they were going to pose - I would take advantage.

These guys were putting on a show.  I think they think the white frothy water the prop is kicking up has something to do with they're being able to catch fish.  

I came upon many cormorants on the way back to the boat ramp.  I have to investigate what they do in winter.  I've seen them flying in enormous formations for the past couple weeks.  Then, I see them lounging in large numbers on the shallows of the lake.  The most impressive thing is to watch them all take flight at once.  I can't understand how they avoid colliding with one and other.  They always take off as if the world is ending right where they are.

I wonder if my bald eagle friend is in his cove.

The lake is so shallow that I can't get close to the shoreline, therefore I can't do the animals justice with a camera.  I more or less simply document the day and the sightings.  All the shots on this entry were taken at great distance from the subject.  I guess that's just how it will be over winter on this lake.

Sitting on that cold aluminum box all day has made me cold.  The evenings are down right cold on the lake and I have to fabricate a chair for this boat.  As you can see at the start of this entry - I did.
Fall is definitely here.  The trees are taking on a lot of color.  They aren't as dense on this lake as the lakes west of here so the color isn't as consistent around the lake.  Its a pretty lake - pretty sad.

 While I'm throwing pictures around I'll give ya one or two of my kids on their new sofa.

That's Happy in the back, Chestnut Hound center and Shade on the floor.  What a bunch!
That's all for today.  I'm tired.  That aluminum boat beats ya apart when your on it for six or seven hours..  Can't wait to get my bay boat back.  Gotta go out and find my new teeth.  I think I left em on the dash of the boat.  See ya.