Saturday, October 27, 2012


I figured out how to upload movies and posts from Windows Live Essentials.  I did a test post with photos to this blog and deleted it.  Now, I’ll try movies.  Movies upload horribly slow to the blog and it’s impossible for me to do so.  We’ll see how Live Essentials does.  If this works – what follows are some simple little clips of my boat outings.  It looks like they will go to U Tube also.  Not sure.

Gheenoe Ride on the French Broad River

Fast water at the Rankin flood plain in the state boat (22 ft)

These take hours to upload.  Some of them almost complete and then fail at the last minute.  This is a trial at posting videos and I’m not too upset over the lengthy time it takes.  Again, these are posted to Windows Live Writer and transferred to my blog.  I’ll play around with the program.  Winter’s going to be here awhile and it’s a good project.  I signed up to Generation IV internet.  That will be installed next week.  The results should be like cable or almost like cable, if I believe  We’ll see about that too.