Friday, October 26, 2012


I haven't had the big 22 foot state boat all month due to bad axles on its trailer.  Actually the axles were too light for the weight of the boat.  Heavy over sized axles were installed and some welds were replaced on the framework.  Driving over to Knoxville from here killed the day and I didn't get on the lake.  This has been a rough month trying to get on the lake for job purposes.  The big boat's trailer has been in the shop most of the month, I had to drive to Nashville to exchange my old truck for the new one you see above and I had to retrieve the jon boat from our work center at Buffalo Springs to use while my boat was out of order.  The loaner boat needed the engine worked on so that took another couple days.  I got it working great accept if I take my hands off the steering wheel at 30 miles per hour it will switch directions in a heart beat and head the other way tossing me out into the lake to die instantly.  I gotta work on that next week as I'll be using that boat on newly assigned water.
The property here at home is starting to resemble a TWRA sub station or something.  I like it.  Green is my favorite color.  I stood on the porch with the dogs while drinking a coffee and surveyed the yard.  Yep - there's more government equipment parked around than equipment that I personally own.  Who'd a thunk it?  I like it.  This is a fantastic agency to work for and i'm proud to wear the TWRA emblem.  I like what they stand for and I like the efforts the agency expends for the betterment of wild things and wild places.  I could use a TWRA lawn mower.  I wonder.
The boat below will be used for shallow water.  I'll be picking up some new water to work on this summer and it's river water.   Rivers are interesting to run on.  Actually its the Holston River where Beech Creek flows into it.  Rough assignment.  This little green jon boat is built like an anvil.  It was made in the late seventies and has a motor that is, shall we say, a bit too big for the boat.  I like it.  That old hulk will get up and go.
I'm not one to sit around here so I hitched up the Gheenoe and headed for the river end of Douglas Lake tonight.  I had no purpose in mind.  I just wanted to be on the water.  The late afternoon was very warm and the water smooth as silk.  What a pretty time to be cruising on the lake.  I skimmed close to the shoreline looking for whatever.

The water depth at the French Broad flood plain is 2.5 to 3 feet deep.  Its getting too shallow to run on with the bay boat.  The Gheenoe is fine but I get nervous when I see two feet show on the depth finder.  In another week I'll probably not risk coming back up here until spring when the water will be permitted to rise again.  Its a pretty evening though.

The sun is dropping fast and I turned it around and eased back down the lake toward the boat ramp.  The light was hardly bright enough to be useful for any photography endeavors.  I knew where I'd see some deer and there was just enough light for a few shots if they were there.  I know all the hang outs for critters on the lake.  As suspected - a couple deer were there in the secret cove.  Mom and junior were just lounging around.

That's a pretty mom for sure.   Junior is one of the cutest kids I've ever seen.

I didn't know if these pictures would come out or not it's so dark out.  Not bad I'd say.
We don't work for National Geographic here, ya know.

 Mighty sweet!
The weather is to turn bad starting tomorrow.  Temperatures are to drop and rain move in so I'm not sure which way to head or what to get into.  I'm not a sitter so I'll be into something.  If it's bad,  the boats will remain home and I guess the motorcycle will too.  I have three days off in a row too.  Figures!  Maybe I'll grind on the new dentures with a dremel and a sanding disk.   I appreciate you all looking in.  Thank you.