Thursday, October 25, 2012


 Endless fields of color!  No - I didn't stumble on heaven but, this is an impressive sight.  Seems indeed - endless...

It's an unbelievable display of Fall color accented by flowers.  They do, by the way, extend as far as the eye can see.   I've not seen a finer display of flowers in the wild anywhere.

These flowers are put out by TWRA annually.  I didn't know they extended as far as they did.  They go for acres and acres without end.  Gorgeous!  I'll have to look up the Wildlife Management Manager and congratulate him on this spectacular Fall production out here.  They aren't planted for the public or anyone in particular.  They are out in the - well - woods.  I think they're for the animals to enjoy.  No one really knows about them.  I like it!

The variety of flowers is dazzling.  If the sight of these gorgeous flowers in this Fall woods doesn't make you feel happy - yer dead already   !

It's 3 AM right now and couldn't sleep.  I fell asleep in the chair at the computer at 7 PM last night.  I'm all whacked out, I think, with these pain meds and all that has happened lately.  To top it all off - I almost sunk the loaner boat this morning.  I forgot to put the plug in.  The drain hole is the size of the bottom of a coffee cup and by the time I got back down the boat ramp the aluminum boat was sitting fairly vertical in the water - stern down.  It looked so bad that I hesitated getting on board to try and insert the plug.  But, I did and successfully got it tightened.  Fortunately the bilge pump worked, sort of.  It's always something.

  I'm sitting here planning the day and getting nowhere.  Lets see - the canoe - the motor boat - the motorcycle -  What?  What decisions!   You're probably thinking, "wish I had his problems."     I'll figure it out.  Thanks for looking in.  Hope you liked the colors.

A Happy Girl!