Tuesday, October 23, 2012


Pied Billed Greeb
A pied billed greeb floats silently past my boat that I call my junk yard tin can.  Douglas Lake is trying hard to put on her fall garments but in my eyes, falls far short of the challenge.
The shoreline colors are not consistent and the ugly mud and rock shorelines ruin any attempt at presenting the glorious colors of fall in a fashion that knocks one's eyes out.  It's impossible to achieve a quality fall sensation, in my eyes, because the shoreline is dotted with the reminders of human habitation in great numbers.  Their homes and numerous boat houses and docks totally eliminate any possibility of a natural fall experience on the lake.  Sorry - I'm spoiled by Calderwood and Chilhowee Lakes.  The fall colors are spotty at best.  They're pretty but there's always a house with a red, green or copper colored tin roof nestled right in the middle of the fall color show.  They shout "look at where I live!"  Litter!!!!!!

Don't get me wrong - I'm not down or grouchy today over this.  I am, however, disappointed that the entire lake has been sold off to the highest bidder and the wildlife take what's left, which is precious little.  I ran a morning shift on the water today and could not find any wildlife on this area of the lake to photograph.  I only saw one great blue heron and a few killdeer's.  Not even a mallard duck was floating anywhere.  That speaks highly for the impact that human intrusion has on wildlife.  Oh well.

Type Calderwood Lake or Chilhowee Lake in the search engine of this blog and look at "real" fall colors on a real lake.  Wow!
In reality, I'm the happiest guy in the world with my life.  My job is unbelievable in that it allows me to be out here where I love to be and to realize my passion of wildlife photography and observation.  Douglas Lake is an OK lake.  It isn't perfection - far, far from it but, it allows me to be away from cars, hoards of people and the community type experience where people are in one's face constantly.

 I'm really beginning to like this little boat that was loaned to me.  The engine ran horribly and required some carburetor adjustments.  I'm sort of competent with mechanical things and got it running wonderfully.  The thing is very, very fast.  It starts by breathing on the ignition key.  Don't even have to turn it.  It's an old boat but a very durable boat.  She was made in the seventies and they made things to last back then.  I like it!

I'm on a morning shift for work tomorrow then off a day and on another day and off three in a row.  I will try to take my boat up on the river tomorrow afternoon to see what's happening with the bald eagles up there.  I'll be on the motorcycle  Saturday cruising over the Cherohala Skyway to see some mountain leaves.  Sunday will find me with the canoe on Beech Creek.  Monday will put me on Chilhowee lake or possibly Indian Boundary Lake.  That's a fairly busy schedule.  
 Early morning on Douglas Lake
The dentures are still in the ash tray of the truck.  I put em in this morning for fifteen minutes and couldn't stand them.  If you want to lose weight fast - eat nothing but yogurt and chicken and rice soup.  Yum!  Watch the inches disappear from the waist.  What I wouldn't give for a pizza and a big bag of chips.  

Please keep an eye on the blog.  There will be some interesting things appear here shortly.  I can't wait to go to work tomorrow.  Wish it were morning right now.  Do I love my job?  You bet I do!