Wednesday, October 31, 2012


The wind whips the water into rollers and white caps as it moves with haste across the surface of the lake.  Yet, another audible wind can be heard getting closer and closer.
They rose upward out of the tree tops as if following one particular leader.  They moved as one.
Then, as one, they hovered in their great cloud as if undecided which way to go.
The birds then moved closer together in their darkening cloud making a dense formation.

The formation shifted and swayed - undulated left and right - up and down presenting a ballet spectacle.

 The choreography is beautiful to watch and the performance is perfection.
Then, as if some silent command were given - they begin to disband and the formation spreads over a wide area until the impression of unified movement is removed.

The play is ended - the curtain falls and the performers leave the stage and another performance presented by Mother Nature is over.   The theater is closed.