Sunday, October 14, 2012


The automatic email notification was sent to readers for the little dental write-up that follows this blurb, that I only now am posting.  It seems that when I was at Beech Creek last Friday thieves got in the back of my truck.  I never noticed as I had no reason to get under the cap for anything until tonight.  I wanted to take the canoe to Beech Creek tomorrow after the dental appointment that's scheduled and got in the truck to pull out my canoe straps.  That's when I noticed that things were missing.  All my canoe accessories are gone, straps to strap it to the truck cap, rope,  my special PFD (life jacket) for paddling, seat bags, two trailer receiver draw bars with balls, the jack I bought special for the Gheenoe trailer,  15/16th socket and long 1/2 inch drive to handle flat tires (lug nuts) and Happy's flotation jacket.. I can't afford to replace that stuff.  It's over $400.  I've got to pay this dental bill $3900.00, mortgage and other stuff just like everyone else.  The cost of a couple tanks of gas would cover it.  Amazing!

The bottom line is that I can't go to the wild spots with the Gheenoe without a trailer jack and I can't use the canoe without straps to hold it on the truck and a paddling PFD.  I definitely need the breaker bar and 15/16th socket to remove flat tires.  It's all a big problem I don't want to deal with.  So, I guess the only blog entries for wildlife will be when I'm on the state boat.  That restricts me to Douglas Lake.  Sorry.

But I will be returning to Beech Creek very, very soon and it won't be with a camera.  There are other things I'm good at.