Tuesday, October 2, 2012


Not much happened on the lake today.  I had two flat tires on the boat trailer but that was nothing much.  I worked on the lower lake bay area and the water was rough with fairly high wind.  I knew there wouldn't be any fishermen on that section today.  I'm off for the next two days and we'll be going to the Rankin flood plain in the morning.
I'm going to really try hard to get some photos of coyotes.  The wildlife blind I ordered was on the porch when I got back from the lake.  Its kind of neat.  I unzipped the round cover case and the thing flopped out onto the ground and stood up.  Its spring loaded.  

Its a really unique little shack.  The door is facing this way and there are windows that unzip on each of the four sides.  I'll take it with me in the morning.  I'm also taking a squeaky tennis ball to mimic a small dying animal.  Coyotes will respond to that.  I'm having such a good time with this photography thing.

I sent the picture of the juvenile bald eagle to National Geographic Magazine's "My Page" where folks can post their best shots.  Professional photographers review the photos and if they're worthy - they get posted.   They also have a page where the best seven pictures submitted that day are selected and posted.
The second picture I will submit is what I feel the best photo of a bald eagle I've ever taken.  It is shown on the home page of this blog.  What a dynamo that eagle is!
We'll see what happens at National Geographic.  I doubt any of my stuff will be selected for display on their prestigious photo site but, its fun to try.

That's it for this entry tonight.  We'll see what the Rankin flood plain brings tomorrow.