Friday, September 6, 2013


I was on the water very early this morning and was looking with anticipation for a beautiful morning.  I wasn't disappointed.  I have never yet seen two mornings appear exactly the same.  They are like snowflakes - each one is unique and a special creation.
The writing's on the wall as far as the seasons go.  Here it is the 6th of September and I had to put a light weight fleece on before leaving the river bank.  The months are flying by.
I drove up one side of the river and didn't see a critter on the water except a couple ducks and a cormorant.  I guess I am too early.  The sun was just rising when I crossed the river to make a return run down the opposite side.
I always become impatient when the sun starts to break over the mountains because old Sol decorates and paints gorgeous scenes without repetition each day.
I was approaching a tiny cove that I've never entered.  I watched a beaver here one day and listened to him chomping on a green stalk from some sort of water plant.  I coasted up to the cove mouth and let the boat come to a stop with the motor off.  I'm glad I did.  It was very dark way back on the water under the overhanging tree limbs and foliage. 
A disturbance on the water back in there proved that a beaver was on the move.

The light  was awesome and there he was slowly swimming toward me through it.

I will take the canoe back in there next time I'm up here.  This little guy was heading right toward me on a head-on collision course.  Any closer and I wouldn't be able to use the telephoto on him.  Wow!
Two seconds after the above shot was taken - he dove under the boat and came up on the other side.  I laughed out loud.  How cool is that?!  Look at his cute nose.

His eyes are covered by transparent eye shields that he can raise and lower as he wishes.  These shields obviously protect his eyes while swimming.

A loud splash proved that another beaver was back in the cove.  I hope no humans find this place.  I more than hope.  I can't wait to get the canoe up here.
I watched the beaver cruise on up along the river bank and then he exited the water and climbed upon a little rise and sat down.  Yes, I said "sat" down.  He was sitting as a human would in a chair, only he bent at his stomach and appeared to be bending himself double.  He was funny.  His little paws were placed on his fur at the bottom and he rapidly drew them over his hair pulling the natural waterproofing oils over his body to waterproof his fur coat.  His eyes were closed most of the time indicating that this was a relaxing thing to do.
He was sitting in a very bright place and the first few pictures are a bit overexposed but, not too bad.  Some of the following photos didn't re-size correctly and will not enlarge to the proper size.  Sorry.  I can't reverse it.

He's rubbing the natural oils all over the fur on his face.
This is an unbelievable opportunity to watch this beaver.  Never in my life have I been able to do this.  I've said it before - you can look at them in books, or even on this blog but, it's not anything like actually seeing the real McCoy.

The boat drifted a few more feet downstream and placed it's position where a tree blocked the harsh rays of the sun.  The last photos should be much better.  Just look at that little imp.  He's just enjoying life.  
 I'm found out.  He is giving me the old half, sideways look.

He says, "I'm outa here."

Into the water he went and he was gone.

And, finally the sun was up.

The Office decor was beautiful this morning.  Hope you enjoyed my morning at "work."