Saturday, September 7, 2013


I was on Cherokee Lake today on a section of water that is nothing but pleasure boats.  I didn't take one picture the whole time.  Those pleasure boats had the water a froth of violent, rolling waves and wakes that caused the boat to slam into them.  I  left the lake early. 

 I knew it would be a total bore for Shade, so I wanted to leave her home.  All I had to do was trick her into staying in the house.  It started an hour before I had to leave with the boat.  I thought all the dogs were in the house, and Homer cat too.  Lets see - Happy is at my feet and Chestnut hound is on the bed.  Where's Shade?  
"Shade, Shade - Come hear."
Nothing.  I looked out the window and there she was sitting beside the truck.  It was the wrong truck but, she was ready to go.  I can't fool her anymore.
She's starting to read my mind.  I can't get angry with her because I know she's doing her best to let me know she wants to be with me.  I mean, what other method does she have?  She can't yell, "hey - I want to go today!"  My throat got tight when I looked out the upstairs window and saw her laying beside the truck door.
I went outside to her and addressed the issue with her.  "Look here girl - this is going to be a boring, hot day and you won't like it.  Lets go back inside the house where it's cool.  Come on now."
I turned and walked back toward the house.
When I turned around to see where she was, I noticed she was standing by the front of the truck.  The next step would be to follow behind me up the porch and into the house.  I looked around again and she was gone.  Probably under the porch steps.  I looked and she wasn't there.  "Shade - where are you girl.  Come here girl, come on now.  Good girl."
I scanned the yard and my eyes caught something out of the ordinary over by the truck.
She was on the other side of the truck by the drivers door keeping low and watching me from under the truck.  Aw, bless her heart.   What a sweet friend!
There would be no getting her in the house at this point.  
"Come on sweet girl - get in the truck."

She is my bestest friend and I'm getting tired of tricking her into staying home.  I think she is too.  Some days it's just not practical to take her with me.  I guess today isn't one of them.  What did I ever do to deserve her amazing dedication?