Thursday, September 12, 2013


The thunder and lightning is constant and the rain is pouring down.  At least it's falling straight down and we, Chestnut, Happy and I are staying dry on the porch.   There's nothing like sitting in a rocker on a porch with a favorite drink in hand and a good friend, Happy, on your lap and my palm on the head of Chestnut hound while the rain beats against the porch roof and the old oak that stands in front of the porch.

Happy has been a staunch friend and has stuck with me through thick and thin over the years.  She slept beside me on a chair every night for three months over a cold winter when I suffered with sciatica four years ago.  It was mighty comforting to have her presence beside me on that chair during that ordeal.  I would pull the blanket over her and myself each winter's night and I could feel the warmth of her body which gave me much comfort. 

Tonight, Shade is down in the basement in the farthest corner she can find, hiding from the thunder and lightning.  She is fearless in the face of all that she can see that's mortal but, has the deepest fear of the noises that are emitted from the stormy skies.  I asked Happy to jump down off my lap, which she did.  I then went down the steps to the basement to find Shade.

Sweet Shade, laying tight in the corner of the laundry area - I hope you don't mind if I sit awhile.  I put my arms around her neck  and pulled her tightly to me and caressed her face with my finger tips while telling her that I was here for her and not to worry.  I sat with her for half an hour and got up and asked her to come with me, which she did.  We climbed the stairs to the sleeping room where I laid down on the mattress that sits directly on the floor.  The storm raged outside.  She laid at the top end of it on the floor and put her head on the pillow beside mine.  I patted the mattress beside me and said "come here girl", and she stood and walked onto the mattress and laid down, pushing her face tight against my neck, her eyes closed.  Her steady breathing indicated that she was comforted and at ease.  I joyed at the pressure from her cheek on my neck as she took a deep breath and exhaled.  She felt protected and was at ease with the lightning and thunder that continued outside.  And we fell into a deep sleep together. I am blessed!!