Monday, September 2, 2013


No, I didn't take all those eagle shots today.  You may remember them from prior entries.  The Nature Conservancy has a wildlife photo contest where the best shots will be included on their wildlife calendar.  So, I went through some of my photographs on a dark, rainy night and came up with these.  I have some other bald eagle shots taken years ago that are super too.  It's something to do.  Funny that TWRA never picked one of my shots for their calendar.  I submitted twice to them and never got a shot selected.  I'll try again this year.  I think they hired a guy who is in need of glasses to do the picture picking.
Is that 3D or what?

I know I'm going to get hate mail with all these black crowned night herons I've been posting.  Hey - I gotta go with what's available.  When the day is overcast with drizzle and there's a more boats on the water than usual due to the holiday - the critters den up.  I can't say I blame them.

He is plucking out loose plumage due to the molting process.  It seems there are a lot of species molting right now.  Some birds molt up to four times a year while others molt twice.  The raptors never totally molt all at once because they couldn't fly and hunt if they did.  Therefore, they molt in stages.  

I wonder why they're called black crowned night herons when their crowns are blue.

Black crowns are very interesting to watch.  They are super attentive to their surroundings and never miss a thing that moves.  I guess I can understand how it could get boring looking at stationary photographs of one of these over and over but, I don't think of that issue when I'm collecting photographs of them.  This area of the Holston River is heavily populated with black crowns and it's a good thing to see. That means they are successful at life.  Maybe they should be put on the hunting list.  Just kidding!  It just seems that when some critter is successful at life - it gets knocked back by being admitted to some hunting schedule in the name of regulation and control.

By the way - you know I like my job as this is a state holiday today, yet here am I on the river.  It's great!
It was a pretty morning on the river and I enjoyed every minute of it.  I did have some difficulty on the way up the mountain, however.

Seems I picked up a nail in a trailer tire this morning.  No big deal.  I'll get er fixed.  And you thought my job was all wine and roses!

Since the day was overcast and cool, I thought I'd take the girls up to the creek at the trout hatchery.  Rain was threatening and it would be welcomed as far as I was concerned.  

I'm very proud of Chestnut Hound.  She comes to me instantly when called, while Shade does the old "I'll be there is a sec" routine.  This place isn't the best for them but, it's better than not having anything at all.  I sure miss the old state park back West of here and the Lake Shore Hiking trail that goes around Tellico Lake.  Those places were ten minutes from my habitat.  Guess we just have to make do with what we have.

The coming weeks are to be sunny and very nice which will enhance the possibility of some great critter shots.  I also want to take a bike ride up to Royal Blue where the state elk herd is located.  Hear that Kevin?

This has to be one of the greenest places on the planet, next to the Beech Creek section of the Holston River.  I'm going to be canoeing up there shortly.

All the dog shots were taken with the SD990 and I don't have much control over the shutter speed so I can't stop motion very well, especially when it's overcast.  It does alright though.  Hope you liked something on this entry.  Hang in there and I'll get you some bull elks.