Sunday, September 29, 2013


Tennessee Valley Authority (TVA) is really dropping the water level in Cherokee Lake which forces me to stay further away from the shorelines due to shallow conditions so, all my photographs are going to be taken from fairly far away distances from the subjects, whatever they may be.
There were three black crowned night herons within 20 feet of each other.  Seems they are really concentrated on the river.  Notice that white line running vertical between his shoulders.  You may remember I explained that with photographs in another entry.  That is a single, long strand of plumage.  It flops left or right depending how the bird adjusts it's stance.  He can actually raise it somewhat but not much.  The other two birds were an immature and another adult.
2nd Adult
A bald eagle flew over the boat headed upstream.
It was chilly and as I was pulling on my fleece jacket I noticed a flock of turkeys on the shoreline.
Turkeys are cool to watch.  But, there was an oddity in the group. The individuals above are only a small faction of the flock.  Look at the next shot and see the oddity.
See it?  There is a gray colored bird in with this group.  I thought I discovered something strange and rare.  How mistaken was I!!!  I sent a shot of this bird to my friend Paul, a lifetime woodsman, and he said it was what is called a gray or sometimes called white variation of the eastern turkey.  Sometimes it's called the smoky version.  Who'd a thunk it?  I've never seen one of these in all the years of tramping around in the pine needles.  The shots are very long and I did the best I could with them, which leaves a lot to be desired.  Sorry.

 For more data click on link-,4570,7-153-10363_10958_10969-276708--,00.html

 A couple deer were standing near the water's edge creating one of those somber morning moments.
The one deer was on the ball and he set up the alarm to his buddy and off they went.
They ran toward a wooden fence.  They have a really nice, secluded spot out here.  There is an old cabin without any roads near it close by and this property goes with that cabin.  I'd say they are safe here if they keep out of sight.
 The below shot shows a third deer.  I never saw it and have no idea where it was.

And, my sweetest friend sat patiently while I attended to business and photographing critters.
An eagle was flying downstream on the opposite side of the river and landed back a bit in a tall tree.  The photography is long distance for sure.

 He didn't stay long.
That was a bit of luck.  This is the first eagle I've seen on Cherokee in months.  And then another one appeared.  Wow!  What's going on?
 This eagle was very tough to get as three bass boats blasted past behind me at top speed and the wakes are rocking my boat badly.  Gotta try though.

The Lonely Grebe  sounds like the title to a song
Ready to go Shade?
And we're off for home.  Gotta vacuum stink bugs off the walls again.