Wednesday, September 4, 2013


I was on the second floor of the house talking on the cell phone this afternoon to a friend when I stood up from the chair and glanced out the window.  What I saw put a chill down my back.  Homer cat was laying on the lawn staring directly into the face of a very large red fox that was taking very slow steps toward Homer.  Homer isn't afraid of dogs and I figured he thought it was just another dog.  The fox was only about a foot away from Homer who just laid there looking directly into the face of the fox.  There was only a couple seconds to act.  I blasted down the stairs to the living room door and Shade beat me outside.  She rocketed down the porch steps and barreled directly toward Homer and the fox. I saw the fox snap it's head toward Shade who was almost on top of it and the fox took off at top speed toward the woods.  Out of nowhere, Chestnut hound shot past Shade and was on the fox's tail and I thought she was going to nail the fox.  But, it didn't happen.  What a thrilling few moments!  It was over in a moment.  I called Homer to follow me as I walked toward the house and he followed behind.  He was definitely shook up as his eyes were wider than I ever saw them. 

We entered the house and he went straight down to the garage area and hid under the wheelbarrow.  He was terrified, as well he should have been.  This was a very close call.  Homer has been with me as long as Douglas and is an important part of the family.  I'm just relieved, to say the least.  Homer goes out the dog door in the garage when he wants and sleeps on the rocking chair on the porch or goes to the flower area and lays under the rose or clematis bushes.  The fox will remember that there is an easy picking around here and will return, I'm sure.  I just hope I'm home when he does.  This all happened mid afternoon in broad sunlight so the fox isn't shy.  Hopefully Homer learned something today.
 Shade - the protector
There hasn't been anything of interest to photograph on the lakes so tonight I was just messing around looking at old photos.  I ran across a nice group shot of my old gang, Douglas, Shade and Happy.  They are the originals.

I ran across some shots of the puppies that were born in my bedroom when I lived in the warehouse over in Greenback just west of here.  The squeaking noises they made woke me up at 1AM that night.  One squeak lead to two squeaks and so on and so on.
They were put on Petfinders and all received great homes - except Chestnut, and she's with me.  The people were checked out thoroughly and their homes inspected to assure the pups would indeed have forever homes and be loved and truly made members of the family.
Below is a very young Chestnut hound:
 And below she is a bit older:
And, finally today:
Pretty neat, huh?
I also found a few movies from the old days and will post them in the near future.  The important thing is Homer is safe thanks to Shade and Chestnut.  What a scare!