Saturday, September 21, 2013


Shade and I pulled into the Oak Grove parking area before sun up and it was pouring rain - hard!  I let her out of the truck and rushed to the back of the boat to unlatch the straps that held it to it's berth on the trailer and returned to the truck for shelter.  There were lights moving rapidly across the lake and I knew there was a bass tournament in play.  Yep - better get out there.
Now, I like rain and foul weather if I'm on a pretty piece of water but, on Cherokee - it amounted to just bad weather.  I'm just not into this lake at all.  We pulled away from the shore and I hit the throttle to zoom to my assigned area on the water.  I was delighted that the wind was non existent and the surface was smooth except or the pock marks caused by the rain.
Shade is afraid of the thunder but, she put it all aside just to be with me this morning.  I get a tight throat sometimes when I think of how much she loves me.  She sat there in the rain as we ran down the lake.  I guess she has a built in rain coat and the water doesn't bother her.
"My Sweet Baby"
The rain increased, if that's possible.  It was beating down hard.  I was getting into it now.   Cherokee or not - I like foul weather.  Just do.
I normally think about a lot of personal issues on days like this but, there were a lot of fishermen on the water today and I didn't have time to dally on personal mental thoughts.  I liked it.  I enjoy being busy and focused on a mission.

Most people would call this a miserable day but, I happen to revel in it.  I can't explain it.  It's the same with camping.  I love a downpour when I have the tent up.  It's enjoyable, to me, to sit in my camp chair with one of the pups beside me and watch the sky fall to earth.
I was aware that this hard rain was not a dangerous situation and would blow out by midnight tonight.  Tomorrow is to be fabulous!  And, I'm on the river tomorrow.  Yea!  For now though, it was getting very dark out.

I think Shade has a very healthy bladder.  We have been on the water 5 hours and she has not indicated that she needs to stop.  When she has that "I gotta go" feeling - she walks up to me and just stares at my face.  She will do so without any alteration in her facial features or any movement of her body.  I can read her perfectly.  I, on the other hand, had to go so we put into an island.
It was a pretty little place - a place with a sandy beach and a bit of shelter under the trees.  Shade enjoys these short stops.  You can't tell it but it's pouring in the shot above.  I should have left the camera in the house today.  It's risky using that camera in downpours.  After all - it's a computer.  There's nothing out on a day like this anyhow.
We had about a mile and a half left in the area to cruise through and we could be out of here.  I looked down the lake and a dark ominous sight met my view.  I knew it was nothing but more rain so I didn't worry about it much.  Bring it on....

Normally that would be a scary sight but I checked the weather before heading out this morning and there was nothing behind it.  It's all heavy rain moving up the lake.  No big deal.
I set the speed on 35 miles per hour and headed for the barn.  I wanted to stop at Weigles Convenience store and grab a couple of their fat hot dogs for Shade and I.  I often treat her to the other kind of dog once in a while.  She's my girl and deserves the consideration.

We passed a shoreline that was covered with black vultures.  The above shot is only a small contingent of their total number.  I think, in reality, that this was a Democratic Convention being held in secret.  See ya tomorrow.  And thanks for looking in.